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Payment process

Creating an order

Order is the main entity in ioka for accepting payments. The order stores data about the goods or services that need to be paid for. To create a payment, you need to specify in the following params in the CreateOrder request:

  • API Key for authenticating your shop
  • payment amount - amount
  • identifier of the order in your shop - external_id
  • other optional order details. See CreateOrder for more details.

Two-stage payments

By default, bank captures the amount immediately from the client's card after authorization. If the payment was successful, ioka will transfer the money to your account within 3 working days.

Also, you can make payments in two stages:

  • Approve: after the user approves the payment, bank blocks the authorized amount on the client's card. The order switches to the ON_HOLD status.
  • Capture/Cancel: Upon successful fulfillment of a product or service, you can capture or cancel the payment via API or manually in the ioka dashboard. If you do not do this within a certain time (usually 48 hours), the amount will be captured automatically.

Two stage payments can be useful when you have received an order for goods/services, but need to collect payment at a later time or date.

To select this method, when creating an order, you must specify the MANUAL option in the capture_method field.